ZK Contruction
ZK Contruction
  • Luxury Duplex and Single ٌResidential Under Construction Apartments in Tripoli Dam w Farez
    بناء زاهر نبيل قصّاص 

    Who We Are

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    One of the top construction companies with experienced engineers and professionals ready to deliver the utmost quality construction projects to gain your satisfaction. Our promise to you: commitment, trust, and speed

    Our History

    Over 15 years of experience in delivering quality residential, commercial, industrial, and other medium to large turn-key projects in the Gulf region, Tripoli - North Lebanon, and its suburbs

    What We Do

    • In-house (design, shop, & build drawings)   
    • Construction (Hospitals, Universities, Residential, Recreation & Leisure Centers)
    • MEP works
    • Tendering/ Bids
    • Building Renovation
    • Luxury Projects - Villas, Residential and Commercial Projects

    NABIL1 - The Luxury Living

     NABIL1 is a project located in a calm area in Dam w Farz - Tripoli; It's best described by its outstanding view that cannot be blocked and its elegant and modern designs inside-out

    يقع مشروع نبيل 1 في منطقة هادئة في الضّم و الفرز - طرابلس، و يتميّز بإطلالته الخارجية الّتي لا تُحجب، بالإضافة الى تصاميمه الدّاخلية المتألّقة و العصريّة.

    Premium Amenities and Specifications

    خدمات و مواصفات عالية

    Delivery in 2020

     3 year installments with 0% interest

    تصميم، إشراف، و تنفيذ

    ABDINE Constructions
    م. نبيل جميل عابدين
    م. تاتيانا عابدين

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    Office location: Tripoli, Boulevard, Facing Robotics and Hyundai, 1st Floor.

    عنوان المكتب: طرابلس، البولفار، مقابل Robotics، الطابق الأول

    +961 03 764923

    ZK Construction

    Tripoli, North Lebanon, Lebanon

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