Letter from the Founder

Eng. Zaher Nabil Kassas

MEM, Executive MBA, B.Sc., PMD, PMP, Lean Six Sigma Certified


The New Generation of Rush and Quality Projects in the Construction & Engineering Sector

It is said that: "Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do, but how much love we put that in action"
and my home is Tripoli!

I've always kept my Father's commandments and path in the construction and engineering as my passion and motive. While my 14 years of experience in the gulf made me look back to my home country again by sharing important knowledge and experiences gained

Investing and transferring my experiences in my home country was one of my best profound decisions I’ve taken

My experience have included handling of medium to large scale projects that required critical attention to their tight delivery, quality, and most importantly: times their very challenging requirements.

My team and I worked as one hand, and throughout the years, the company grew substantially, while our annual turnover peaked when the gulf district was booming

Together, remarkably we were able to leave bold accomplishments that raised the company’s bar, upgraded its image, and established a competitive stand in front of our peers in the market

Looking Ahead

Bold and quality steps is my aim as we progress to define and re-shape the construction and engineering projects in Tripoli and the North Governorate region

At ZK Construction, there’s a strong sense that we have the motive and passion to make great projects happen

Stay tuned to our upcoming unique projects planned at ZK Construction, starting with NABIL1 luxury residential building and KAABCo Commercial Center in Dam w Farez area - Tripoli

Our promise to you at ZK Construction:
Commitment, Trust, and Speed


The below projects were operated and supervised under the management of Eng. Zaher Kassas

Contracting, Construction, and Real Estate Development in Tripoli

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